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Acorn Music Therapy

Empowering young people to express themselves through music.

Meet your therapist

Sula is based in Bristol

Hello! My name is Sula, I'm a HCPC registered music therapist with an MA in music therapy with distinction, based in Bristol and London. I'm also a primary teacher.


As a primary teacher I found that many students were unable to access the learning and reach their full potential due to social and emotional difficulties which needed time and space to be expressed safely.


 As a music therapist, I am passionate about creating a safe and nourishing space for young people to express themselves through music, so that they can feel heard.

Allowing space for all emotions to be expressed and processed,

allows young people to thrive.

I have experience working with children, young people, adults and older adults, in the following areas: trauma, bereavement, adoption, SEBD, aphasia, Parkinson's, anxiety, forensics, mental health, neurodiversity, ASD, psychosis.


What is music therapy?

'Central to how Music Therapy works is the therapeutic relationship that is established and developed, through engagement in live musical interaction and play between a therapist and client. A wide range of musical styles and instruments can be used, including the voice, and the music is often improvised. Using music in this way enables clients to create their own unique musical language in which to explore and connect with the world and express themselves.'



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