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About Me

My journey with music therapy

My journey with music therapy started as a teenager. I found that writing songs was a safe way for me to express any pent up emotions and sometimes my music making would help me discover what I was feeling. I started performing my songs in bars and pubs around London aged 16, influenced largely by Lily Allen and Kate Nash. They gave me permission to perform in my (then) authentic voice, as a young person raised in East London. Through performing these songs I was able to connect my experiences to those of my audience and this was when I first discovered the healing power of music. 


In 2017 I decided to train as a primary school teacher with Teach First. I found that many of my students were unable to connect with the lessons, as they were preoccupied with difficult, sometimes traumatic experiences happening to them outside of the classroom. I felt frustrated that I was unable to support them one to one, and give them the attention they needed. I experienced burn out, and was signed off for two weeks. Teach First connected me with a therapist who had previously trained with them, and she suggested I explore the option of music therapy.


​Fast forward to the lockdown in 2020, I was living in Bangkok and teaching in an independent kindergarten, and suddenly had a lot of time. I decided to apply to the Music Therapy Masters at UWE in Bristol. After completing my audition and interview online, I was thrilled to be accepted onto the course. Three placements, and three years later, I have been lucky enough to work with clients throughout the lifespan, and have passed my MA in Music Therapy with distinction.

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